BCMS has been designed to assist Churches and other religious organizations with structuring and managing of daily operations. It facilitates all aspects of operating a Church: assisting with membership acquisition and retention, fund-raising, event planning, financial reporting, etc. We believe that Churches can focus more on loving people and helping them grow spiritually than spending thousands of hours on operational issues. BCMS has been designed with actual Church data and scenarios, tailored for the best convenience of Church administrators.

BCMS is being used by many Churches to organize people, track giving, manage events, and more ...

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Organize & Communicate with Groups

It is easy to organize people by assigning them to a group, using that group to communicate with the members, and attach the members to an event, or to other administrative tasks. Groups can be used to organize volunteers, event attendees, ministries, and more.

Track Online & Offline Giving & Generate Reports

People can give contributions, pledges, event payments both online and offline. People can actually give their online contributions and/or donations without logging in.

Member Portal Access

Members can view announcements, giving records, notifications, chat with church staff, modify profile information more..

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Not enough?

Track Track Giving

Track contributions, pledges and expenses to generate reports for your church and church members

Store Any Data

Add new fields to forms and store as much information as you want. Retrieve and report at your convenience

Follow ups

Assign follow ups to members to be sure the right people get contacted at the right time.

Your Data is Secure

Secure connections ensure that no one else accesses your data and never loose data.

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Import Your Data

Import your old data or just contact us and we will import your data at no additional charge.

Access Restrictions

Don't want everyone to see the giving records? Want to hide audit trail? Easily give different accounts different permissions..

Text and email members & Groups

Text and email people and groups with the click of a button.

Fund accounts

Easily assign income and expenses to particular funds and get fund overviews when needed



- Manage your members.
- Know spiritual gifts.
- Know family information.
- Add unlimited custom data and more.

Event Management

- Arrange events by calendar type.
- Easily share live streaming and webinar links
- Share events and accept online registrations

Volunteer Management

- Schedule volunteers for events.
- Set automatic reminders.
- RSVP notifications.

Track Giving

- Track giving and pledges.
- Generate reports for your organization.
- Accept online donations and contributions

Follow ups

- Manage follow ups.
- Assign them to other users.

Groups & Families

- Organize your members into Families.
- Easily notify all members of a Family.


- Visualize a dashboard summary.
- Visualize report summaries.


- Cash Flow and Detailed Cash reports.
- Profit Loss Statement .


- Track Baptisms.
- Track Marriages.
- Track Child dedications.
- Track Deaths.


- Track Church properties and values.
- Set scrap values.
- Upload church property documents.


- Add announcements.
- Set display and expiry dates.

Chat Center

- Chat directly with church administrators and get real time replies.


- Add Expense.
- Set Expense Type.
- Upload Invoices and Receipts.
- Set Recurring Expenses.
- View and filter Expenses based on Expense Type.

Online Giving

- Receive contributions & event registrations
- Synchronize giving with funds
- Notify and appreciate givers
- Share giving and event registration links
- Accept donations


- Add Payroll for your Staff.
- Automatically Generate Payslips.
- Choose Payroll Templates.
- Edit Template Fields.
- Set Recurring Payroll.
- View and filter Payroll based on Staff name.

Website integration

- Premium template.
- Online giving and Event Calendar integration.
- Free support.